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Having all the important materials, the blog alone crosses 1,000 views daily. We have crossed 100,000 views milestone on the Blog recently.

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No matter where you are, you get information on your fingertips. Now reading circulars on notice board is thing of past.

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All our domains have SSL certificate so that you can be sure your data is not compromised on the way to servers. You can check the padlock icon beside the site URL.

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How we reached where we are today.

  • September 2016

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Started with a free domain and hosting, we had no certainity whether this idea will work!

  • November 2016

    DSCE Forum is Born

    With the birth of DSCE Forum, one could interact with their friends and teachers virtually on a same platform!

  • February 2017

    Blog reaches 100,000 views

    The all-favourite DSCE Blog reached 100,000 views mark within a small span of 5 months. It was viewed more than 70,000 times within last 2 months only!

  • March 2017

    SSL Certification

    What started off on a free domain and hosting now has its own domain, a premium hosting alongwith a SSL certificate to boast about. Now you can enter your details without worrying about data theft!

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